Meet the Farmer

Fifty years ago, I was with my grandma as she harvested homegrown organic, open pollinated, all natural, non-gmo garden produce.  Much of her garden was planted with seeds saved from her own plants from the year before.  She was considered to be ‘old fashioned’.  Today, she would be thought to have had some uncommon good sense.  I’m proud to carry a few of her genes in my genetic makeup.

After many years of having a large private garden, the decision was made to expand into a market garden.  In 1999, Enberg’s Produce LLC was born.

Our goal has always been to use sustainable and organic methods in which we raise our crops.  We strive to grow the healthiest and highest quality produce around.  Weather and bugs, at times, throw us a curve ball and some crops may fail, but overall, the years in business have been successful.

Mark Enberg